Who we are, Thai massage in Milan

Maison Thai comes from my passion for the Thai massage.

Hello, my name is Kankanchana, I’m from Thailand and I lived in Italy since years.

I started approaching the Thai massage art when I was young. My father gave me this passion: since I was young I remember him going to the buddhist temple in my village to practise the massage for the monks. Buddhist Temples are a primary place to learn Thai massage.

KankanchanaThen I grew up, I moved to big towns for my studies in economics, but always I took in mind the massage art. So when I terminated the University  I decided to continue studying massage, doing of this passions my job. I started going to massage school and working in Thai Spas.

The life let me met my future husband and I moved to Italy with him.  here I decided to continue to cultivate my passion opening my Thai Spa.

Maison Thai is a new and original Thai Spa, where you can have a real Thai massage in Milano, in the very heart of the town.

Maison Thai is located in the zone of Porta Ticinese, close to Corso Genova and Navigli area.

Where to find us:

The exact address is via Galeazzo Alessi 8

You can reach our shop by the metro. The most comfortable metro stations  you can use are Porta Genova or Sant’Agostino.

You can also come by Tram, the typical train rolling in the town. You can take the line number 2 or number 14.

Come to visit us and you will experience a very good massage in full Thai Style, but also you will leave and meet the Thai culture.

After a day visiting Milan, shopping in the best Italian shops or drinking a beer with your freinds in one of the Navigli area, take a moment to relax, let your body and mind relax in our Thai spa.

So for a Thai massage in Milan, come and see Maison Thai